Strawberry Fields
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Strawberry Fields and Love Forever!

Strawberry Fields and Love Forever!

Well, Valentines Day was 10 days ago but we’re still feeling amorous at Strawberry.

So let love live on and linger!

I thought I’d start off this blog with a pic from Valentine’s Day itself. We had lots of fun with giant paper Strawberries in reception, hand made Strawberry bon bon favours and loveheart pillow gifts.
Valentines Weekend at Strawberry Fields

As you can see from a pic below of one of our refurbed rooms, Love is a central theme to our Brighton B&B as much as Strawberries.

Love Love Love
Having been away traveling for a month or so, I’m also falling back in love with Brighton.

The chilly North East wind may still be biting but the days are getting longer, some spectacular sunsets are being witnessed and the snowdrops are blooming!

I always think there is something romantic about the murmurations of starlings swirling over the remains of Brighton’s West Pier at dusk. Here’s a video accompanied with some lovely music by Robert Caruso. I suggest you grab a cuppa and unwind for 5 minutes…

I must also mention a new addition to Brighton life I’ve noticed on my seafront strolls. A lovely old fisherman who tows his colourful boat out across the shingle each day. Here’s the boat, minus the fisherman.

Colourful Boat on Brighton Beach

Colourful Boat on Brighton Beach

If anyone knows anything more about this interesting character please let me know?

Lots of love and kisses!