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Myanmar needs help

Myanmar needs help

We dedicate a portion of Strawberry Field’s profits to a small charity called Helping the Burmese Delta which is building new schools in Myanmar. We have provided funds towards the building of 3 of the 26 schools built by this very special charity to date and we had a fascinating trip back to the Delta last month to open them.

We are so inspired by the work of this tiny charity where every penny goes directly to help (all travel expenses and administration are funded by the founders). I was planning to give you an update on the latest school developments but there are far more serious events that warrant attention.

You might not be aware, because it’s been largely unreported, that a natural disaster has recently hit Myanmar. I quote directly from an email I have just received from Helping the Burmese Delta:

‘’Catastrophic flooding has hit much of central and northern Myanmar. Extremely heavy monsoon rain has caused banks and dams to burst, and much of the country is under water. People are drowning, many thousands are homeless, food stocks have been destroyed, and medical problems are rising fast. Now the waters are reaching the delta. The Irrawaddy river is many metres above its normal level.
Our team is working now, in co-operation with four other local NGOs, to get food to Magway, one of the worst areas. Helping The Burmese Delta has funded 5000 Kg of rice as a start, but this will need much more. We are currently assessing the situation in Thar Paung, where we have three schools, and which is also badly hit.
We have volunteer doctors and pharmacists, and our trained health workers, ready to go next.
Please donate what you can. Every £15 will buy a 50 KG sack of rice.

We are very concerned about the people in the Delta completely at the mercy of the elements with water level up to 30 metres higher than usual – and that water is headed down to the Delta imminently. Here is a picture of one of ‘our’ schools which is already starting to list, and it is one of the more robust buildings in the area.

A school under flooding in Myanmar

Please do donate now if you can and even better please share with others via the buttons at the end of this post.

Below is a short video from youtube which will give you an understanding of the huge scale of problems Myanmar is facing.

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