Strawberry Fields
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Why we think Brighton is brilliant – the Strawberry Fields version

Why we think Brighton is brilliant – the Strawberry Fields version

Our local newspaper, The Argus, recently published an excellent supplement on Brilliant Brighton revealing 400 facts you never knew about our city by the sea.

For example, did you know that the Prince Regent built secret tunnels so he could get around Brighton without being seen? Or that Brighton once had three piers? You can read all the facts and even order a copy of the supplement here.

Inspired by these facts we’d thought we’d create our own top five favourite things about Brighton.

1.The Capital of Cool

Cool Brighton

Cool Brighton courtesy of Adam Bronkhorst

Brighton is the undisputed Capital of all that is cool and distinctive. Check out the astonishing array of pubs, clubs, music and comedy venues all vying for your attention and all just a stroll away from Strawberry Fields.

2.Peter James’ Roy Grace detective thrillers

Strawberry Fields and our sister boutique hotel LimeHouse feature in the Roy Grace series of detective thrillers set in Brighton. We were delighted when author Peter James decided to base three of his characters in our ‘elegantly decorated rooms.’

3.Our Viking heritage

New Steine Gardens and Brighton Seafront

New Steine Gardens – we’re the building on the right, you can just see our Strawberry sign

We have two words still in use in Brighton that suggest Vikings once settled in Brighton. There’s ‘knabb’, meaning a small hill. But more relevant to Strawberry Fields is the word ‘Steine’, meaning ‘ stoney ground’  we presume referring to our pebble beach. Why is it relevant? We are actually located on a Victorian square called New Steine gardens.

4.The Lanes or Laines?

We love the quirky vintage shops in the North Laine but for the quintessential Brighton experience you must visit the cobbled Lanes, indulge with champagne and oysters at English’s or pamper yourself at Pecksniff’s. Did you know The Lanes was actually the original village of Brighton, or ‘Brighthelmstone’ as it was then known.

5.Brighton beats Bondi

Well, excuse our bias but author Edmund William Gilbert called Brighton ‘the most attractive seaside resort in the world’. Who are we to argue?

So there you have it, just 5 of the 400 facts that make Brighton brilliant. If you would like more tips on things to see and do please do ask us when you stay.